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[telematics car insurance]
It goes under various names – black box insurance, pay as you drive, smartbox, GPS or UBI (Usage Based Insurance). It’s a new kind of vehicle insurance and the good news is that in some instances, depending on the car use, it can be cheaper than normal insurance. Up to now all vehicle insurance has been based on past records of what groups of drivers in groups of vehicles do — how often claims are made, what for what they are made and how much has to be paid out. Now, that is all set to change. Know the black box insurance rules and how it works as well as black box insurance pros and cons. With an electronic app (on a smart phone) or a piece of kit either built into the vehicle or added afterwards, the precise performance of the vehicle and individual driver can be measured and a premium calculated accordingly. The device finds the safer drivers and rewards them — and that promises a big consumer gain. It also promises safer roads.

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